Office of Special Programs

Safety and Security Protocols for Events

Safety and Security Protocols for Events Sponsored by Student Organizations, Non-Academic University Users, and Non-University Users with Potential to Disrupt Campus Security, Safety and Operation

The University of Washington allows student organizations, other non-academic University groups, and non-University groups to use campus facilities for sponsored events. Campus rules and policies that govern these events are designed to support and facilitate safe and successful activities in venues owned and operated by the University. (See WAC 478-136-060)

Because the safety, security, and physical well-being of our campus community is of paramount concern to the University, it is the responsibility of any person or organization requesting the use of university facilities to comply with all applicable University policies, procedures, rules and regulations, and applicable local, state and federal laws, including but not limited to fire, health and safety regulations. This protocol will help facilitate such compliance.

When the use of campus facilities involves events, activities, and programs that are likely to significantly affect campus safety, security, and operation, the University will perform an analysis of all event factors. This could result in additional conditions and requirements placed on the host organization in order to maintain the safety and security of all organizing parties, guests attending, and the broader campus community. Safety and security concerns may include, but are not limited to, history or examples of violence, bodily harm, property damage, significant disruption of campus operations, and those actions prohibited by the campus code of conduct and state and federal law.

During the planning process, host organizations or groups are responsible for making the University aware of any known histories and/or issues of safety and security concerns. The University (i.e., venue coordinator and UWPD) may review all event details and logistics to determine necessary safety and security protocols. Additionally, if previously unknown or new safety and security concerns arise during the planning process, the University will review the event details and may alter any conditions and requirements. Any determination by authorized campus officials will be based on an assessment of credible information other than the content or viewpoints anticipated to be expressed during the event. Other events taking place on or near campus will be taken into consideration in the security review. Required security measures may include, but are not limited to, adjusting the venue, date, and timing of the event; providing additional law enforcement; imposing access controls or security checkpoints limiting costumes or items carried; and/or creating buffer zones around the venue.

The host organization or group will be required to pay costs of reasonable event security as determined in advance by the University. These costs include, but are not limited to security personnel, costs to secure the venue from damage, and special equipment as determined by law enforcement. Security fees will be based on standard and approved recharge rates for UWPD, other security personnel, and associated equipment costs or rentals. Should the University place supplementary security protocols prior to or during the event to provide adequate security to help mitigate any originally unforeseen security concerns, additional security fees may be charged to host organizations or groups. Host organizations are financially responsible for damage, inside or outside of the venue, caused by members of their organization or their invitees.

The University reserves the right, in rare circumstances, to cancel an event if based on information available it is reasonably believed that there is a credible threat which unreasonably places the campus community at risk of harm.

Established 9/25/17