Office of Special Programs


The Office of Special Programs administers the UUF and ASR according to University policies, state regulations, and Washington state law.

University of Washington Policies

Time, Place, and Manner restrictions at the University of Washington – Seattle

Administrative Policy Statements

APS 10.10: Noncampus Groups Using Campus Facilities and Grounds
APS 13.3: Building Security Regulations
APS 13.9: Serving and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages at University Facilities
APS 47.5: Acceptance of Gifts or Contributions from Representatives of the Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Presidential Orders

PO 23: Non-University Speakers Sponsored by Student Organizations
PO 42: Speakers or Artists Sponsored by Non-Student Groups

Student Governance and Policies

Chapter 202: Guidelines Relating to the Expenditure of Public Funds and the Use of University Facilities by the ASUW, GPSS, and Other Affected Organizations

Washington Administrative Code – UW Policy Handbook

Chapter 478-136 WAC: Use of University of Washington Facilities

478-136-010: Use of university facilities – General Policy
478-136-012: Definitions
478-136-015: Delegated and administrative responsibilities
478-136-025: Users
478-136-030: Limitations on use
478-136-035: No smoking policy for university facilities
478-136-041: Alcoholic beverage policy
478-136-060: Safety and Liability

State of Washington Laws

Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

Chapter 478-136 WAC Use of University of Washington Facilities – Full Chapter
Chapter 314 WAC Liquor and Cannabis Board – Full Chapter

Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

Title 66 RCW Alcoholic Beverage Control – Full Title
Title 66.28 RCW Miscellaneous Regulatory Provisions

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

Special Licenses and Permits