Office of Special Programs

UUF Committee

The UUF Committee is comprised of 11 members and is chaired by L. Lincoln Johnson, Associate Vice President for Student Life. The committee is comprised of individuals across several academic and administrative divisions and both student government bodies.

L. Lincoln Johnson, UUFC Chair

Division of Student Life | 206-221-6323

Becky Bullock, UUFC member

Risk Financing & Consulting

Cheryl Cameron, UUFC member

Academic Personnel

Justin Camputaro, UUFC Member

Division of Student Life

Nancy Garland, advisor to UUFC

Office of the Attorney General

Camille Hattwig, UUFC Member

ASUW President

Shalom Murphy, UUFC Member

Division of Student Life

Rene Singleton, UUFC member

Student Activities Office

Craig Wilson, UUFC Member

UW Police Department

Rodney O. Worden, UUFC Member

UW Operations

Aaron Yared, UUFC Member

GPSS President

Program Coordinator

Office of Special Programs