Office of Special Programs

UW Facilities

The UUF Committee must review UUF and Alcohol Service requests submitted for events that are held in UW Facilities which is determined by whether the University owns the building.

Facilities Services

The UW office of Facilities Services serves as the Venue Operator for most major outdoor locations. For additional information, please visit:
UW Facilities Services
UW Facilities Services: Outdoor Events & Reservations

Major Outdoor Spaces (Formerly Outdoor Locations)

The following locations can currently be found under Facilities Services. PLEASE DO NOT ADD THEM AS NEW LOCATIONS ON THE UUF/ASR FORMS.

  • Denny Yard
  • Drumheller Fountain
  • George Washington Statue
  • Grieg Garden
  • Medal of Honor Memorial
  • Parrington Lawn
  • Rainier Vista
  • Red Square
  • Sylvan Theater & Columns
  • The Quad

Lawn Signs

The UW office of Facilities Services no longer approves Lawn Signs using the UUF request process. For all questions regarding lawn signs, please contact the Facilities Services Care Team at or 206-685-1900 or visit UW Facilities Services: Signs and Banners.

Recreational Spaces & Sports Stadiums

The Intramural Activities (IMA) serves as the Venue Operator for all recreational fields and spaces. Intercollegiate Athletics serves as the Venue Operator for sports stadiums and athletic fields. These recreational and sports locations should not be confused with major outdoor areas managed by Facilities Services.

What is NOT a UW Facility

Events that occur in buildings that are not owned by the University of Washington do not require the Office of Special Programs or UUFC to review nor provide approval. It is not necessary to submit a UUF or ASR in such cases. Here is a list of some, but not all, buildings that DO NOT require OSP/UUFC review.

UUFC Approval Not Required for These Locations

  • Center for Spiritual Living (privately owned)
  • Fraternity and Sorority Houses (privately owned)
  • Fremont Labs-DX Arts
  • Harborview Complex: Harborview Medical Center, Pat Steele, 9th & Jefferson, Norm Maleng Bldgs. (Owned by King County)
  • Plaza at Yarrow Bay: Includes Eastside Executive Center (privately owned)
  • Roosevelt Clinic I: 4225 NE Roosevelt Way (privately owned)
  • Roosevelt Commons: 4311 11th Ave. NE (privately owned)
  • Rosen Building: 960 Republican St. [SLU] (leased by UW)
  • Russell Hall: 42nd & 15th (privately owned)
  • Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
  • South Lake Union (SLU): (leased by UW School of Medicine)
  • UW Botanical Gardens: Washington Arboretum, Japanese Gardens (owned by City of Seattle)
  • Washington Clean Energy Testbeds: (leased by UW)

For clarification on other locations, please email the Office of Special Programs BEFORE submitting a UUF request.