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The UW Environmental Health & Safety Department provides guidance for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and for compliance with Washington state and local public health requirements at in-person events sponsored by or conducted on the University of Washington premises, including leased spaces.

The COVID-19 Prevention guidelines, which specify that "Event organizers and venue operators should coordinate to ensure all the health and safety roles and elements are addressed," are represented in the form of a checklist.

The venue where the event will take place has the responsibility for completing the form in conjunction with the event organizer and sponsor, and keeping the approved form on file.

1. Will this event support or oppose a ballot proposition, candidate, or is election related?


2. Will this event require security?


3. Will this event include any attendees or participants who are NOT a current UW Student, Staff or Faculty member – excluding your speaker/presenter?


Note: NON-UW: This refers, but is not limited, to alumni, general public, off-campus, visitors, guests - anyone who is NOT a current UW Student, Staff, or Faculty member

4. Will alcohol be served at this event?


5. Will this event allow for donations from attendees?


6. Will this event require Parking Services?


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